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Are you ready for the Soul Satisfying Friendships you have been longing for?


Many adult women find it challenging to have drama free, lasting and meaningful friendships. We have created a community where you can interact, learn how to make and nurture friendships in a genuine and authentic way.  

Did you know that the risk of social isolation on survival is statistically comparable to the health risk of smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day? (Holt-Ludstad, Smith & Layton, 2010) This same study found that people with strong relationships had 50% increased likelihood of survival than those with weaker social connections.

These statistics were surprising to us when we came across them. We know the importance of friendships, but this research proves that friendships are 

much more than "something nice to have" in our lives.

Loneliness is becoming an epidemic. Let's stop it! 

Too many people are living in isolation, are you one of them?

Do you wish you had more friends or more meaningful friendships?

During your last crisis did you have someone to turn to? 

Who do you go to when you have success to share?

Does it feel easier to just "go it alone"?




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Here's our Why..


Why Create The Authentic Friendships Community?

Debbie and Sheri have created this community and workshops because they have personally experienced the ups and downs of friendship and they understand the invaluable role friendships play in everyone's life. 

Our Vision is for a world where women are seen, heard, valued, respected, loved and safe in all relationships.

With over 30 years of combined experience in facilitating, coaching and leading groups, Debbie and Sheri bring an amazing balance of heart, inspiration and practicality to the Authentic Friendships for Women community. They spark curiosity and possibility in their presentations, workshops and events.  It is their passion to bring you these interactive and energizing workshops centered around friendships.