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Giving in Friendships

Dec 01, 2022

December! The month of joy and celebrating and often giving. I absolutely love giving gifts! The whole process is fun to me, thinking about the person I am wanting to celebrate with a gift is a huge part of my process. What do they like, what interests them, who are they and what will bring a smile to their face?  I am committed to making it personal and meaningful. I like it when someone feels loved because of a gift I have given, I want it to feel like a big gigantic hug from me.

As the year comes to an end, we can celebrate the fact that we have made it through 2022 and are about to welcome in 2023. I love to reflect on the past year. What did I do, where did I go, what went well, what do I want to do better in the coming months? When I hit on that last one though, I hate to admit it, but I am not always very gentle with myself. I can tend to over analyze and be overly critical of myself.

This year as 2022 comes to a close, I am committed to giving to myself. I want to be thoughtful about the gift I am giving myself, what do I most need, want and will benefit me the most? I have decided that giving myself grace, understanding, and compassion are the things that will bring a smile to my face. Gentleness is what I most want this year, and I am just the person to give it to me!

It’s easy for me to plan out how to give to my friends and family, it energizes me, it’s fun. Now it’s time to include myself in that equation and treat myself like I would a cherished friend. Do you want to join me in that pursuit? Please consider including yourself in the giving this year too!


Being of service to those around us can be a huge gift for those we are serving and to ourselves. Giving is not always a physical “thing”, sometimes it is an act of service.  What kind of support could you offer a friend as a gift? Babysit, petsit, offer to go the the store for them, help them organize a room in their house, cook a meal, the options are limitless. Have a conversation and see where you can be of service to your friends this year! You might find it is just as rewarding for you as it is supportive of them.


Caring, genuinely caring for another is one way to give. How do you show those in your life that you care? When you have a conversation do you listen intently and fully? Or are you distracted by your phone or other things in the environment? Let’s show each other we care and be present when we are with our friends, make eye contact and be completely in the conversation with them. 


Another gift we can give to our friends is to be helpful. Asking what they need help with. Do they want someone to go shopping with, to help with ideas? Can you lend a hand with decorations or wrapping presents? Having company for the routine things can make the experience enjoyable for both of you! Think outside of the box when considering the gifts you can give to your friends.


One of the greatest gifts I have been given by my closest friends is dependability. I greatly value when someone does what they say they will. It lets me know that I can trust them and they care about their word. How can you give the gift of dependability this year to the people you care about?

In Friendship,

:) Sheri

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