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Gratitude in Friendships

Nov 02, 2022

Gratitude in Friendships


November is often thought of as the month of gratitude.  We celebrate Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and some enjoy the frenzy of Black Friday shopping.  The flower of the month is the chrysanthemum and the birthstone is topaz.  Random facts, I know.  The end of the calendar year is wrapping up and there are so many things to reflect on and celebrate with gratitude.  

Recently, on a Saturday Ben and I ran some errands, the usual Costco, grocery store and then to the next town over to return some boots to DSW.  We didn’t want to get stuck in traffic on the freeway on our drive home so we decided to take the back roads.  The back roads take us through horse ranches, dairy ranches, farm land and open fields.  It also takes us past one of our favorite watering holes, Ernie’s Tin Bar.  It’s an old gas station converted into a bar, kind of in the middle of nowhere but on the country highway.

We sat outside so we could watch the traffic go by and enjoy the sunshine.  The weather was perfect.  We ordered a couple of beers and talked about our past vacations and where we wanted to go next.  It was that kind of a kicked back vibe.  

There was only one other couple there and we started up a conversation with them.  Turns out they had relocated recently from Texas and were looking for more local friends.  When Mike and Nancy were ready to leave they asked for our phone number so we could hang out again.  Ernie’s Tin Bar has a very strict no cell phone policy so I had to write down my number on a piece of paper, you know, the old fashioned way.  If you are caught with your cell phone out you have to buy the entire bar a round of drinks!!!  It’s a great policy to keep people present, engaged and having fun together. 


It’s interesting to think about the no cell phone policy.  It sounds a little behind the times but it’s great to see everyone engaged with each other, laughing, listening and free from that cellular attachment.  There are definitely times where the good ole days feel good!!  When you go to Ernie’s Tin Bar you step back in time, slow things down and take a breather.  It feels great to breathe, doesn’t it??  Ernie’s has been around since 1923, so you can say it’s been through some things.


Thinking about the past and reflecting can bring a flood of memories of all kinds.  As I was writing this I got curious about the history of Ernie’s, so of course, I looked it up.  It was originally a soda water spot with a service garage in the back that repaired dairy and ranch equipment.  It’s hard to believe it will be 100 years old next year.  Soooo many changes, shifts and reiterations over 100 years.  Think about all of the shifts, changes and iterations you have experienced through the years.


What do you want to do next year?  What advice would you give yourself today about your goals and dreams for next year?  I want to encourage you to dream big, set your goals high, do the things you WANT to do even if they seem out of reach financially, logistically or you don’t think you have enough time.  Put it out there, say it out loud, tell someone, tell the world and allow the space for it to come to fruition!!!!  You are powerful!!!  Imagine all the amazing things someone in 100 years from now will reflect on about this time in history.  Do you think the man who built Ernie’s Tin Bar in 1923 ever imagined the amount of joy his little place on the corner would bring people?  


As you go through your day, notice the things you love, the people who make you smile, notice the smells, the textures, the sensations and be grateful for all that you have, can have and will have.  We all have hard days, difficult situations and we are strong and resilient women!!!  Be grateful, share your gratitude everyday and let the rest go.


Loyalty is about honesty, trust and commitment.  Are you loyal to yourself?  Your friends?  Your family?  Your favorite restaurant, brew pub or coffee place?  Lots of places give loyalty points, punch cards and the like to keep you coming back, right?  They reward you for trusting their business and staying committed to coming back.  And let’s be honest, wouldn't you keep going back without the rewards if you loved it anyway??  ANNNDDD it’s really nice to be appreciated, shown gratitude and receive a little something in return.  

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