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Luck in Friendships

Mar 01, 2022

It’s March and St. Patrick’s Day is coming your way bringing you more luck throughout the month.  This is also the month we celebrate our Co-founder Sheri Petersen’s birthday!!  I know for a fact that I’m lucky to call her my friend.  

Have you ever felt like luck was on your side meeting a new friend and really connecting?  Like it seemed to happen in the weirdest way or a random place?  You might think, how is it possible that the two of us connected?  Or maybe you feel like you have bad luck with friendships.

I feel like I’ve had pretty good luck with adult friendships.  Working in corporate definitely provided me with a lot of opportunities to meet people.  I worked in corporate from 1980 to 1996.  And I have three friendships that have continued all of these years.  Two of those friends I talk to every week and it’s with intention that our friendships have continued to be strong.  My other friendship is one of those that we connect when we have that intuitive hit to contact each other. 

Being a mom of three kids certainly helped me meet people, too.  Participating in their school activities, sports, cheerleading, fundraising and meeting their friends’ parents expanded my friend circle during the time my kids were in school.  However, that definitely shifted when they graduated from high school and most of those connections were lost. I know this is true for so many of you as well.  

As an introverted entrepreneur this adds another level of challenge as it pertains to friendship.  Working from home sounds wonderful and it mostly is, but it can get a little bit lonely honestly.  There are no coworkers to grab coffee with or get lunch at the cafe with or to chat about the latest show you binge watched.  Getting involved in outside activities, volunteer work or participation in a community, like Authentic Friendships, helps to open the doors to new friendship possibilities.  

The friendships I have made in the last three years have been as a result of enrolling in programs to learn more about business and community building.  I have met so many amazing women in that process.  Did it happen overnight??  Nope, it did not.  It was over time, seeing each other in class and at events.  Then having one on one coffee together, going on walks together, doing zoom coffee together and attending each other’s events.  

It was absolutely because of the intention placed on building those friendships that it works.  Friendships take time to build.  Studies show that it takes:

  • 20-40 hours for a casual friend
  • 60-80 hours for a good friend 
  • 200+ hours for a best friend  

Friendships require more attention and intention as we get older and our responsibilities seem to consume us.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming and seem impossible to fit one more thing in our busy schedules. AND you deserve to set aside time to nurture your friendships and have a little bit of fun.  I give you full permission!!

Here are 4 tips to help you stay focused on your friendships:

Luck vs. Intuition

If someone shows up in your life and it feels like luck, check in with your intuition and follow it.  It may feel like they’ve landed in your life at just the right time that you needed a friend like them.  Follow your intuition and let the friendship flourish.  

Intention and Friendship

This is an interesting angle for friendship.  Mostly because it depends on how important your friendships are and what level of friend someone might be.  Simply having the awareness of how much attention you are or are not putting on your friendships will help you decide if you want to place more intention in this area.  Life is busy and so often you have to choose one thing over another.  Say yes to YOU and put your friendships back on the calendar and at the top of your self care list!!

Playfulness in Friendship

Remember as kids how we played and laughed at silly things??   I looked playfulness up in the dictionary and here is the definition:  the quality of being light-hearted or full of fun.

Being playful in your friendship could be allowing yourself to sing and dance at a concert, getting on a swing and swinging in the park, playing games, going for a hike and climbing a tree or taking a bike ride and racing each other as fast as you can.  Let your imagination go wild with this one, remember what it was like to be free as a kid.  Laugh, laugh, laugh!


Ahhhhh kindness.  Doesn’t this word just warm your heart?  Kindness can show up in so many ways.  Sometimes it’s being a good listener, giving a friend a ride, checking in or picking up the tab for lunch when your friend had a bad day.  How are you showing kindness?  How are you receiving kindness?


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