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Meet Debbie Ternes, Co-Founder of Authentic Friendships

Jan 08, 2021

First and foremost, I’m a mom to three grown children, two sons and a daughter.  They are all amazing, unique and fiercely protective of me and each other.  I love watching them adulting together.  

I’ve been married and divorced…..twice (kinda makes me cringe to say that outloud and publicly but we are talking about being authentic, right??) The best part is that I’m now in a wonderful relationship with a man that is full of integrity, generosity and love.  It feels like a love story come true, honestly.  I realize that sounds kinda cheesy and hard to believe AND it’s true. There are good men out there, ladies!!

I come from a self-employed family and it’s in my blood.  No matter how many times I have a J O B, I almost always have something extra on the side.  For the last 15 years it has been coaching.  Coaching helped me survive an abusive marriage and eventually get out safely.  Yep, as much as I hate to admit it, it happened to me, I became a statistic and learned quickly that I was not alone.  I’m passionate about coaching, mentoring and supporting women to have their best lives possible despite their circumstances. 

I’m an introvert.  I love to read and always have loved it.  I remember as a kid I would ride my bike to the library downtown and go up and down the aisles looking for just the right books.  I would always get the maximum limit of three.  I’d check my books out, proudly put them in my bicycle basket and ride home to spend the weekend reading.  We didn’t have any kids in our neighborhood so it was a little bit lonely at times. 

I have one sister, Tracy.  She was estranged from the family for 23 long years.  In 2009, my sister and I reconnected and I am so happy we did.  Later that year she had a courageous, very tearful and joyful conversation with my mom and invited my parents to Thanksgiving at her home.  Things have been going beautifully ever since. 

I love to walk, hike, swim (although I don’t do much swimming lately) and be with friends.  I love to be by the ocean and in the mountains it feels so grounding and I feel a huge sense of freedom.

Something that people might not know about me is I owned a landscape business for 12 years.  The first 5 years I mowed lawns, trimmed hedges and pulled weeds and the remaining 7 years I continued to manage the business and we expanded to installing fiberglass pools.  I loved it, it was a great career after being in Corporate for 15 years. Oh and my license plate was customized for my truck…..MOWR LDY

My mission, passion and purpose is to create a community to support and serve women in having phenomenal friendships, to connect, feel seen, heard, valued, respected and loved.  And I’m doing it through programs, coaching and mentoring.  We can do this together!!!

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