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Meet Sheri Petersen, Co-Founder of Authentic Friendships

Jan 08, 2021
Hello! I’m Sheri Petersen, Master and Mentor Certified Life Coach and I am excited to get this blog started!! I have been a Life Coach since 2004, and it is the greatest “job” I have ever had. Maybe that is because I feel like I don’t have a job (thus the quotes around the word job). I am passionate about supporting people on their life journeys, in embracing the change that is inevitable for us all.
I began my professional life as a Youth Worker, I was employed by a couple different churches just after graduating college, and barely older than the kids in whom I was to be teaching. It was a fascinating time for me, I gained an immense amount of knowledge about life and what the ‘real world’ was like (shockingly working for the churches was NOT like working at a camp all year round-who knew!?!?).
From the churches I moved into the world of Social Work. I started with a part-time job at a group home for adults with Developmental Disabilities. I fell in love with this work and found that my organizational and creative abilities, along with my enthusiasm for helping individuals better themselves were a fantastic skill set for this line of work. Eventually I chose to work full-time in the field, became a supervisor and decided to get my Masters Degree to learn more and advance my career opportunities. After about 12 years in this line of work I started to long for work that was less tied up in politics and bureaucracy. I wanted more direct contact with people who wanted to make life changes. In the world of nonprofits there are a lot of people who need help and support, and all of those people although they very much need it, do not always want help. I found myself growing weary of this; managing staff that were under paid and often underappreciated began to take its toll too.
I remember feeling like I needed a new career, but had no idea what else I could do, I was good at what I was doing, but had advanced about as much as I could in the field. I had heard of Life Coaches, and was fascinated by the concept, but was positive it was not a real option for me. I needed a steady paycheck, I could not be self-employed… that was WAY too scary for me. And yet I was curious about it, and did a lot of research, but never really thought it was something I would do, it was just a fun thing to dream about. During this time in my life I was searching, I was stuck. My dating life was not heading in the direction I wanted, I thought I had found ‘the one’ I was just waiting for him to get it together and then everything would be great. I had everything in my life on hold waiting for him, waiting for more years than I care to admit here!
A regular activity for me at this time was to go to the bookstore and spend hours in the Self-Help shelves looking, searching, and longing to find the answer to all of my life’s problems. I just wanted someone to fix me! I purchased so many different books, just hoping that one of them would have the answer for me. As it turns out purchasing these books alone does not change one’s life! Go figure!! On one of these trips through the Self-help isles I ran across a book titled Fearless Living. I found that title fascinating, I sure wanted to be more fearless, and I wanted a more adventurous life. I picked it up and checked out the table of content, it certainly intrigued me. This was the first tangible step I took towards the life I am currently living. I read the book written by Rhonda Britten and really loved the exercises and concepts and I began to make sustainable changes in my life. I was thrilled and eventually learned that Rhonda established the Fearless Living Institute and a training program for Life Coaches. I won’t take the space to write about all the ways that everything seemed to magically come together to make my journey toward becoming a self-employed Life Coach a reality. I’m saving that for another entry at another time.
Fast forward to today, I am now enjoying my career and am leading a life that is not entirely centered around my fears. I certainly still have fears and I get to make choices on a daily basis on how I am going to deal with them. Part of why Debbie and I have decided to start this blog is because we want to share our journey, to let you know that life is a process, we get to make choices each day, some days we do better than others and that is okay. When we embrace our humanity, the opportunities for change are endless.
I look forward to the time we will spend together here at the Authentic Friend-Tips Blog!
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