Authentic Friendships

Mutual Respect

Jan 15, 2021
The foundation of Authentic Friendships was built on the 5 Powerful Pillars of Authentic Friendships Workshop.
Pillar Three is Mutual Respect
Having mutual respect does not mean that you and your friends agree about everything. It may mean that you agree to disagree on a challenging topic. Or maybe you don’t talk about a specific subject at all or you simply listen to one another with curiosity and pure interest.
Some of your most rewarding friendships can be with individuals who expand your way of thinking. You do not always have to have the same opinion as your friends on every topic, but you do need to come to an understanding of how to show respect for each other when you disagree.
Authenticity is about having an open mind and an open heart to those in your inner circle. When the underlying value is one of mutual respect, it frees each person to share who they are in a true and meaningful way.
  • How do you handle the conversation when a friend has the opposite opinion as you on a topic?
  • What does it feel like when you do not think that your opinions are respected in a relationship?
  • What is the benefit of having friends who see the world in different ways than you do at times?
Do you want support, skills and tools to figure out how this all works and how to navigate reciprocity and find more balance in your friendships? Let us help you!!
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