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New Beginnings

Jan 03, 2022

New Beginnings

With the beginning of a new year comes a bazillion expectations for setting goals.  Whether they are goals for weight loss, financial income, sales goals or new exercise routines, the expectation is there.  What if you added something more fun like….. Friendship???

New beginnings can also mean getting a fresh start.  Many of us want strong, dependable and healthy friendships.  But sometimes life just gets in the way.  There are so many situations that can distract us from our friendships.  Kids, parents, careers, family obligations, new businesses, illness and the list goes on and on.

Have you lost track of a friend or maybe many friends that you’d like to reconnect with?  

Do you want more friends, new friends, better friendships or something else as it pertains to friendship?

Maybe there was a misunderstanding that was left unresolved.  Perhaps now you are ready to have that uncomfortable conversation or let it be water under the bridge.  You get to decide what works best in your situation.  I’ve found that whether or not you have a conversation about the upset or not, acknowledging that it happened is key to rebuilding the friendship.  The conversation and acknowledgement will help build the foundation of trust in the friendship.  Trust is one of the 5 Powerful Pillars of Authentic Friendships.

Decide what you’d like to put some attention on in the area of friendship, write down your goals and any action steps. 

Here are 4 easy tips to help you stay focused on your friendship goals:

Focus on Connecting

Reach out to a couple of friends and set an appointment to chat with them.  This can be a 15 minute phone call, coffee at a local coffee shop, lunch, a hike or maybe even a zoom session. There are so many ways to connect in person and virtually.  

Confidence - Go First

Take a deep breath, stick out your hand (to shake hands) and introduce yourself.  I always start with my full name, first and last name.  I learned this from Suze Orman.  I forget exactly why she said to say your full name but I believe she said it was more powerful and memorable.  There may be more than one Susan, Karen or Tracy in the room and your last name will differentiate you from the others.  

If the thought of this makes you anxious you are not alone. There’s someone else in the room that feels exactly like you do and chances are there are many others in the same boat having lots of feelings, doubts and anxiety.  That’s a relief, right??

Guidance - Listen to your Intuition 

When you think about someone or you see something that reminds you of them these can be subtle clues that reaching out is in order.  Send them a quick text, call them, send them an email or private message through social media.  It can be as simple as an emoji or simply saying “You popped into my head today and I wanted to say hey.”

Fun - Create it!!!

Ask your friend if they would like to schedule a regular “meeting”.  Setting a regularly scheduled “meeting” on the calendar will help you stay consistent and focused on building, enhancing and maintaining your friendship.  There are no rules around how often this happens, be creative!  It can be weekly, monthly, every other month.  Choose the time, date and activities that work for both of you.  

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