Authentic Friendships


Jan 15, 2021
The foundation of Authentic Friendships was built on the 5 Powerful Pillars of Authentic Friendships Workshop.
Pillar Two is Reciprocity
Just like Pillar One: Availability, Reciprocity can be experienced in many ways. The goal here is to have a balanced friendship where there’s an equal exchange of time and energy.
The balance of reciprocity can be simple or it can be complex. It all depends on your needs in each of your friendships (and the current circumstances in your life at the time). There will be times when you need more time, energy and support than your friends because you are struggling and there will be times when your friend will need more from you. Reciprocity is an understanding that we will give and receive in a relationship based on the needs of each party.
  • Do you ever feel like you are giving more than your friends? You are reaching out ALL OF THE TIME and get little to nothing in return?
  • Or maybe your friend keeps score? I did this for you and now I expect something back before I do anything for you again.
  • How do you define Reciprocity in your friendships?
  • Does this definition include the needs of both you and your friend?
Do you want support, skills and tools to figure out how this all works and how to navigate reciprocity and find more balance in your friendships? Let us help you!!
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