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Apr 02, 2021
How Was Self-Care Modeled for You?
Growing up I don’t remember my mother or grandmothers doing anything described as self-care. I know my mom would play bridge on Wednesday nights with her friends and she bowled in a league on Friday mornings. Other than that, she didn’t get her hair done, nails done, get massages, do acupuncture, play golf, meditate or exercise. I think mostly because some of those things weren’t things in the 60’s. And I know that my family didn’t have the financial resources for luxurious things of that nature.
There are so many of us who have had times of loneliness and wish we had someone to just hang out with, go shopping with or to call when something wonderful has happened and we want to share.
Spending time connecting with friends is one of the best ways to deepen and expand your friendships.
Here are some Friend-Tips:
How does self-care in friendship work??
· Scheduling time to spend time with friends
· Conversations
· Boundaries
· Spontaneous connects
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