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Sep 01, 2022


How do you know when you need or want a transformation in your life?  Do you go looking for it?  Does it just happen?  Are you usually fed up with a situation and desperately need something new?  Did someone tell you that you couldn’t do something and now you are more than ever determined to succeed?  Is it different depending on the situation?  So many questions!!

Transformation comes from a deep desire from within to change something about yourself, your situation or something about the outside world.  There have been many movements throughout history because of inequality, differing opinions or a need for massive change.

Your level of determination and commitment shifts when you want a change so badly.  You may be introduced to a new teacher, a new method or read something that inspires you or gives you hope for something new.


Transformations are usually filled with twisting roads, bumps, big rocks in the way and maybe a ditch or two.  Getting creative during your process might include literally getting creative, not just about the strategies to make things happen but writing, coloring, sewing, crafting, drawing, redecorating, decluttering, knitting, painting, landscaping, designing or planting a garden. 

Creativity sparks something different in our brains, it can help focus your mind and has even been compared to meditation due to its calming effects on the brain and body.  Activities like gardening or sewing releases dopamine, a natural antidepressant. Creativity reduces anxiety, depression, and stress.  Imagine the ease that can come with your transformation when you relax into something creative. 


Transformation requires support.  This can come in the form of books, videos, friends, coaches, mentors, pastors, teachers, doctors and programs.  Keep your eyes open for new avenues of support. You may be surprised by what you find could possibly work for you.  How have others that you know or know of made major changes?  If you don’t know I encourage you to ask questions, tap into their wisdom and experience.  Asking questions opens doors for more opportunities to grow, expand and have the joy filled life you deeply desire.


During transitions and big changes you may have more sensitivity to your surroundings.  Your awareness may be heightened in a new way and you may be noticing different things.  Maybe you are hearing things from a fresh perspective like never before.  Maybe you are able to see more sides of a story or be more of an observer rather than judging a situation.  It could be that you begin to notice different sensations in your body or you are listening more intently to your inner guidance or intuition.

During times of transition, grace for yourself and others is a beautiful skill to use.  With grace, everything is possible and will create an environment of acceptance, love and patience.  And I know we could all use more of that stuff!!!


Transformation can feel hard and you might feel like you want to give up or like you just can’t get through it.  It’s your resiliency that gets you through.  The ability to recover from difficult situations is the definition of resilient. A great question to ask yourself during times of transition is this “How will my life be better and how will I feel after I go through this?”  This powerful question can support you in making your choices and decisions during the process.  You’ve got this!!!  

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