Authentic Friendships


Jan 15, 2021
The foundation of Authentic Friendships was built on the 5 Powerful Pillars of Authentic Friendships Workshop.
Pillar Four is Trust
Trusting each other in a friendship is vital for the success of the relationship but it doesn’t usually happen overnight. Trust takes time!
Most of us have had experiences where trust was violated, assumed and/or broken. How you handle it and what you do next is important for both you and your friendship.
When trust is fully present in a friendship it creates a beautiful, safe and sacred place for you to be able to share openly without judgment, shame and embarrassment.
Being able to hold that special place for each other is precious.
Think about how you look at trust in your friendships…Is it easy, hard, or depends on the circumstances? Does it depend on the “level” of friendship or longevity of a friendship? There are many factors when you start talking about trust.
The most talked about feedback we get from our workshops is that the participants have never directly talked about friendship with their friends before. Imagine if you set aside time to talk about what friendship actually means with your current friends!
  • What could happen to your friendships if you talked about your needs/wants from friendship?
  • How do you know when your trust has been broken in a friendship?
  • Which of your friends do you trust enough to have a conversation about trust with?
  • How willing are you to start that conversation on trust?
Do you want support, skills and tools to figure out how this all works and how to navigate reciprocity and find more balance in your friendships? Let us help you!!
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