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What is Love in a Friendship?

Feb 01, 2022

What is Love in a Friendship?

When I hear the word love in conjunction with February, usually the first thing that comes to mind is Valentine's Day. And then I roll my eyes. :) As a single woman (of a certain age) Valentine’s Day holds no special “romantic” meaning for me. I won’t be getting a sappy Hallmark card or overpriced roses sent to my door, and I certainly won’t be going out to an overcrowded restaurant for a meal. I will likely be home cuddled up all cozy on my couch with my two fur babies (Muki and Madi) binge watching whatever show I happen to be invested in at the moment, and I will be happy to be there! I love my life! Part of what makes me so satisfied in life is that I have amazing friendships that I can lean on. My friends are like family to me and I love them all deeply.

Do you tell your friends that you love them?  A few years ago I realized that I was not telling my friends that I love them like I do with my family. I got to thinking, why not? I do love them just like I do my family and yet I was not sharing that with them. Since then I have made a conscious effort to let my friends know that I love them too. My friendships are of great value to me and I want my friends to know what they mean to me.

Have you ever stopped to consider what love is in a friendship? I want to share some of what I think that includes...

Love in friendship is recognizing Beauty. 

There is beauty in uniqueness, each friend will bring their own form of beauty to the world/relationship.  When a friend brings a new/different perspective to the relationship it allows us to grow and expand our minds. We may not always agree with them, but when we respect the fact that they are willing to share who they are with us, that is beautiful.

Love in friendship is being willing to Forgive. 

Sometimes feelings get hurt, there are misunderstandings, our friends disappoint us, we disappoint them. It happens! The important thing is, are you willing to talk it out, come to a place of forgiveness and move on. Love makes room for forgiveness.

 Love in friendship is seeking out Connection. 

It’s sharing a conversation over similar interests, it’s asking about their day, not just talking about our own. It’s letting someone else in on how we are feeling. Finding a way to connect with someone is a true act of love.

Love in friendship is Receiving. 

Allowing our friends to be there for us when we are hurting or scared or feeling down is essential in building trust in a friendship. Letting our friends give to us is just as important as giving to them when they are in need. Receiving is a vital aspect of love.

I invite you to think about what Love means in relation to the friendships in your life, and if you love your friends, let them know!!

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