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Friendship Fast Pass

Join us for an evening of fun, friendship and laughter!!!

ONLY $12.


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What is Friendship Fast Pass? 

  • Think about the concept of "speed dating" where you get to connect briefly with several others in one event
  • It's a hands on experience in friendship building with curated questions for each round
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Why Attend?

You don’t know where to find other women who want to go
deeper with their friendships

You have found yourself feeling alone and longing for a friend
to laugh with and share your life experiences

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Do you find making new friends:

* Uncomfortable
* Difficult
* Exhausting
* Time consuming
* Frustrating

This Event is for you!! We promise a fun event where you will walk away with new connections and potential new friendships.

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What friends are saying...

“It was so much fun and I learned a lot about people I didn't even know. I was surprised at how good I felt giving myself the time to go to this fun event.”

Lisa Cantu King

This group is truly an opportunity to practice self-care by giving ourselves the gift of community! I truly enjoyed the Friendship Fast Pass event and left feeling so much more relaxed!

Tina Schutt Zitt

"I enjoyed being a part of the Friendship Fast Pass! I got to meet and connect with so many different interesting women from all over the country, we had so much fun conversing and getting to know each other in a fun and safe setting.

Svetlana Cifarelli

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